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Axis lifting

Posted by verb.zero 
Axis lifting
November 07, 2015 01:23PM
I have been in this "process" of building a kossel mini. I printed the parts with Wilson Ts and ordered al my parts from tridprinting.com I am to the part where im trying to do some calibration prints and now im stuck with an issue.

While doing my first couple prints everything I tried to print a 5x5x5 cube which was a small print but came out like crap because of my home made rollers. Fixed this and now I moved on to printing the nickel calibration test and its all sorts of stuck on the dumb. The ramps 1.4/arduino combo is from sainsmart when I print and it moves to the -Y the axis will lift off the bed. I supplied a video but im completely lost with why it is doing this.

SainSmart Combo Electronics
Hot bed with glass (hair spray as adhesive)
Printing from SD Card using Slic3r


Im using PronterFace in the video but when printing from SD it does the same thing.
Re: Axis lifting
November 07, 2015 02:52PM
Are your esteps for each tower calibrated the same in the firmware?
Anonymous User
Re: Axis lifting
November 13, 2015 08:16AM
Looks like you did not tell Slic3r, you are having a round bed
Printer Settings / General / Set - Button (to the right)
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