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Scaling a Delta printer

Posted by lolocaledo 
Scaling a Delta printer
November 11, 2015 11:39PM
Hi all,

Once our printer is calibrated (M665 and M666), is it possible to adjust scaling it without modify calibration ?
in other words, my printer is very well calibrated (less than 0.05 after autolevel) but a piece of 5cm is printing 4.87
Re: Scaling a Delta printer
November 12, 2015 03:01AM
There are some M codes defined for X and Y scaling. I plan to implement these in RepRapFirmware soon. However, if your print is that far out then I suspect you have a bulld problem that is likely to cause distortion as well. Check that your rod bearing spacing is the same at both ends of each pair of rods.

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Re: Scaling a Delta printer
November 12, 2015 03:46AM
A 6 point calibration doesn't include delta rod length. That's where the scale factor comes from. Reduce rod length and calibrate again.
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