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#NEWBIE# Endstops ignored during homing

Posted by KiwiShamoo 
#NEWBIE# Endstops ignored during homing
November 22, 2015 03:39AM
Hi All,

Have just spent the last few days lovingly putting together my new Mini Kossel kit from think3dprint3d. It is running the new Duet 0.85 with the latest 1.09k-dc42 firmware.

All the manual checks seem fine. M119 command on the endstops all report closed/open for the correct assigned axes when triggered/released manually. Heaters, extruder, fans etc all working perfectly.

HOWEVER, when I home the print head, only the Y axis seems to take any notice of it's endstop - the X axis stops where it is and the Z axis just keeps trying to move and ignores the endstop!

Any ideas?

Config.g file attached for reference (this is the stock file supplied by think3dprint3d, so apart from the IP address setting, everything else should work out of the box, no?)
open | download - config.g (3.6 KB)
Re: #NEWBIE# Endstops ignored during homing
November 22, 2015 03:46AM
It sounds to me that you may have either the X and Z motor wires swapped, or the X and Z endstop switch wires swapped.

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Re: #NEWBIE# Endstops ignored during homing
November 22, 2015 03:59AM
D'oh!! Even though you check and double check you can still make mistakes!!

Many thanks!!! :-)
Re: #NEWBIE# Endstops ignored during homing
November 22, 2015 04:00AM
BTW, really appreciate you "lurking" around the forums early on a sunday morning ;-)
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