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Starting from Scratch with a Kossel alibaba list.

Posted by favi 
Starting from Scratch with a Kossel alibaba list.
November 25, 2015 09:13PM
Hi i was wondering if cheap 3d printer are worth anything.

So i've started to inform myself and made a "wish"-list with all parts i picked to see how much a "premium(fully upgraded)" model would end up costing.

keep in mind 2 days ago i knew nothing about the subject.

The thing i'm still struggling with is which is the best stepper motor since i'm using dvr8825 driver instead of the commonly used A4988. I mean does it have a influence to use a "better" motor then one of the common ones? does 2/3/4/5 Phase have an influence? speed, does it need more than the standard?

I've added the diamond hotend only because i can ... i'm guessing it's an illegal clone (i dunno about the rest thou). The other option would be a E3D v6 with a volcano, i guess. the price difference isn't to high even witch the extra extrudes/steppers.

the build would need 6 steppers 3 axis 3 extrudes, 6 instead of 5 dvr8825. the PTFE Tube, i just got one but i was wondering about the best size since i would have to 3 lines.

i don't know what else too add except for a FSR Endstop (auto leveling no clue what it does hehe calibrating?) , but my research tells me that this are the best "cheap" components. So i was wondering what you think are the most imported upgrades, which one are more expensive then useful? and most importandly what did i miss.

Fianl edit: took away the link. it's almost impossible not simply buying a cheap set since all the things you need anyway are almost if not 200 and the spare parts that you get.

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