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Best Marlin for a Rostock

Posted by paul18 
Best Marlin for a Rostock
November 27, 2015 01:33PM
Hi All

After a long time without progressing on my Rostock (involved elsewhere), the wiring is finally done and the calibartion can start now (except that I I decided to change the stepstick to drv8825 ones).

So I'm wondering what is the best Marling to install for a Delta printer ?

Thanks for any advice


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Re: Best Marlin for a Rostock
November 28, 2015 04:35AM

Available here:

You need to copy the Configuration.h and Configuration_adv.h from example_configurations/delta/kossel_pro to the main folder, before tweaking to match your setup.

The important parts are to measure your diagonal rods accurately, and get your steps per mm correct when doing vertical moves. Then you do the paper test and tweak the smooth rod offset until you get a flat print surface.
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