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T3DP3D Kossel Mini fine-tuning problem

Posted by Sp@ckler 
T3DP3D Kossel Mini fine-tuning problem
December 09, 2015 05:11PM
Hi all!

It's been quite a while since I've got my kossel ( Think3DPrint3D "old" model: RAMPS, j-head & heated bed).

First delta i've had, it makes "almost" nice PLA prints even though there seems to be some subtle (feels smooth to the touch), irregular banding-layering effect as seen in the picture.

(don't mind the top of the middle tower, I was fiddling with the fans)
This is pretty much the best I can do, but still some irregular lines; I'll post moar pics if necessary.

Now i've tried a whole bunch of thing to no avail.

Switched filaments (i have tried several suppliers high-end & middle-shelf filaments; however the banding effect is less pronounced than with typical filament bad tolerance)
Tried diffrent extrusion temperature (from 185 to 220; only PLA)
Replaced cooling system (switched from centrifuge fan to twin 30mm fan)
Re-assembled & re-calibrated (a bunch of times)
Checked motor overheating & stepper driver voltage
Checked the spider & hot-end attachment plate
Loosened & re-tightened the delrin pieces & carriages
Checked the belts
Enclosed the printer in an insulation chamber (fancy name for a wooden box)
Tried another hot-end
Pid-tuned the extruder & bed several time

So far I thought there was something wrong with the extrusion itself, but now I'm not so sure; the slight layer offset is rather different between two prints but two calibration towers printed at the same time show an almost identical pattern.
I admit I haven't tried ABS yet because the printer is in my living room, but I'll probably cross that bridge if I have to.

I'll try to use another extruder instead of the RepRapPro that came with the kit; in the meantime I'm running out of ideas, does anyone has a suggestion?
Re: T3DP3D Kossel Mini fine-tuning problem
December 09, 2015 06:11PM
If it is vertical banding on straight sides, with a spacing that is constant over most of the length but is proportional to print speed, then it may be segmentation banding. In which case, try increasing the delta segments per second setting in the firmware, or print the perimeters more slowly.

If the spacing between vertical bands doesn't depend on print speed, then suspect an extruder or other mechanical problem.

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