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300mm x 300mm+ kossel

Posted by Qdeathstar 
300mm x 300mm+ kossel
February 21, 2016 10:42PM
hello, I am trying to figure out the frame for a kossel. I want the diameter to be 300mm and the height to be at least 300mm (Ive read it has to be double the width, but I don't need it that tall)

I read about v-slot extrusions and that they might be better but what I'm realty having a hard time understanding is the complete list of things I need for the frame. I have built a relikeo prusai3 so I have some basic experience, though kossel are a lot different.

if anyone could help me out with a list of things I need to build the frame I'd really appreciate it. There was a blog about building large kossel but the parts about the frame aren't clear because he says he did it one way but should have done it differently....

Re: 300mm x 300mm+ kossel
February 22, 2016 01:35AM
I took 400mm horizontal and 800mm vertical extrusions for my 270mm heated bed.
300mm carbon rods with Traxxas Rod ends. All was readily available at the bay.

You have to print corners, carriers and (wheel-) cars and the effector. Or buy these aluminum things from robotdigg instead.
Rollers depend on the extrusion profile. T3p3 v-rollers work with standard T-nut ( Nut 5 ) but not so well with Nut-6 extrusions.
Maybe youre better off getting these linear guides from robotdigg too?

5m GT2 belt, three pulleys with 16 or 20 teeth. Printed idler bearings are better than smooth bearings alone.

50-60 T-Nuts (M5 preferred ) and 8-10mm long allen head screws.

M3x8-10 allen head screws for the steppers. ( I recommend washers for printed corners )

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Re: 300mm x 300mm+ kossel
February 22, 2016 10:18AM
Thanks for your response.

I'm concerns right now about the frame, however, and I want the demons ions to be 300m wide... What kind of extrusion length should I get? Type? 2020, 2040

It seems like the site you linked it about $150 for the frame.. Is aliexpress a cheaper similar quality alternative?
Re: 300mm x 300mm+ kossel
February 22, 2016 04:28PM
You need to decide if you want the print bed to be fully inside of the horizontals or if it can extend over the horizontals before anyone can tell you how long to make the horizontals. You also need to be aware that the print area is not a circle, but rather a Reuleaux triangle, so if you want to print a 300mm diameter bowl, you'll need to make the print bed larger.
Re: 300mm x 300mm+ kossel
February 22, 2016 07:42PM

So, i think I'd rather have the arms stick inside the frame, only. but if it makes a huge cost difference maybe I can sacrifice there. I read that if I want to print a 300mm circle, I need ~375mm build area, plus whatever I need to "keep it in"
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