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New Delta "Beagle" from RepRapWorld

Posted by PRZ 
New Delta "Beagle" from RepRapWorld
February 27, 2016 08:13PM
RepRapWorld (The Nederlands) recently issued a serie of basic delta printer, the ‘Beagle’.

This name is unfortunate, as it will drive to confusion with printers based upon beagle bone black, but the printer itself is interesting.
This is here : [reprapworld.com]

They have published a detailed assembly manual, but no specifications (!), however it seems that the three models do have usable diameter of approximately 160, 220, 220 mm with the third one being taller.

For the smaller one, they state a usable diameter of 170mm x height 150mm, but with a bed of same diameter, this diameter may be difficult to reach.

Kit price are 300,500, and 600 Euros without VAT and may compete with China made printers.

In principle, it resemble a bit to a Kossel, but the rails are oval steel clothes hanger bars with carriage built with 623 ball bearing rolling on this bar.
The rest of the printer is fairly classic, with 8 bits board with 'pololu' style driver and LCD screen.

The effector looks somewhat like the one of the micro-delta (e-motion tech), a bit more simple. There are two fans, but the operation of second fan is unclear, as there is no duct to guide flow to parts.

Below a 3D model view from the manual, there are actual photos in the manual, but not of the ensemble. I did not found any info outside their site.

Re: New Delta "Beagle" from RepRapWorld
February 28, 2016 03:56AM
Will be interesting to see how long the chrome/nickel plated steel bar will last.
I had a similar 623 bearing roller design on 2020 alu-extrusions but the extrusion wore out in a few weeks.

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