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Bed temp not registering

Posted by Code 
Bed temp not registering
March 13, 2016 11:59PM

I'm having am issue getting my extruder to run. Running a mega/ramps 1.4 with repetier firmware. It looks like the bed thermistor is not being logged which should explain the extruder being disabled. I have checked and made sure the bed thermistor is wired into the t1 pins. The thermistor is attached to the bed using c
Kapton tape. I'm currently trying to confirm everything in the firmware setup correctly. The HAVE_HEATED_BED bit is set to 1. I'm now looking at the thermistor type which is set to 1. I THINK this should be correct since the thermistor should be a 100k. Not sure where to look next. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!


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Re: Bed temp not registering
March 14, 2016 02:00PM
This should really be in a different forum Doesn't seem I can delete though. If an admin could i'd appreciate it.
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