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2004lcd screen issue and endstop.. nothing works

Posted by Yourdog 
2004lcd screen issue and endstop.. nothing works
March 27, 2016 07:40PM
Hello, I am new to 3d printing. I purchased a he3d delta 180 printer from 3dprintersonlinestore.com. I am having issues getting everything to work. First it powers on but when I go to use the control knob on the lcd, I can click it in, and it will change from screen with temp, to settings screen, but I can't scroll up or down the settings. If I click the button again, it goes back to screen with temp on it. I install the arduino drivers for 2560 rev3 and repetier host and arduinoide stop seeing the printer. Roll back the driver and they both see the printer. When I go to change axis it says on lcd screen endstopshit: Z, sometimes it says x or y. I am unable to turn on the fan and the hot end does not heat up. I followed the wiring diagrams from them (which is hard to understand) also wiring diagrams on the reprap wiki. What is going on? Did I not do something right or do I have some fault parts? Thanks for your time.
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