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The Anycubic Delta on AliExpress any good?

Posted by siddharta 
Re: The Anycubic Delta on AliExpress any good?
April 15, 2017 08:40PM
mine is not again well calibrating
i try to understand how to use m666 to have accurate endstop offset
Re: The Anycubic Delta on AliExpress any good?
April 15, 2017 11:53PM
There are videos on you tube for manual calibration.. once you have that done your using autolevel to compensate for bed slope or imperfections while printing... But autolevel does nothing if you dont first do the calibration for each of your axis and Z height..
Re: The Anycubic Delta on AliExpress any good?
April 16, 2017 04:01AM
I'd suggest to have a look at the calculator at escher3d.com (Delta wizard) - if you get a set of feeler gauges on eBay or at your local DIY store that's a pretty fast way to get as accurate a calibration as your build will allow.
Re: The Anycubic Delta on AliExpress any good?
July 10, 2017 09:47AM
I did have one issue, the bowden tube supplied was damaged by being zip-tied too tightly permanently putting a kink in it. It also was not Teflon (PTFE) it's some kind of clear plastic (PTFE is opaque white). I was having bad prints until I figured out that this was the issue. I purchased a new PTFE tube from Amazon and immediately was able to print after installing it.
I let the seller know, they asked for proof of the issue, I have not heard back from them after over a week from sending in the pics of the damaged tube.

Update 04/15/2017: The seller got back to me yesterday 04/14/2017 (took a while). They are sending out a replacement Bowden tube. I'm assuming it will be the same clear material (PFA?, vinyl?) as before which is not PTFE.

I'll try it out on the printer when it arrives and note if there are any significant differences.

As it stands right now I'd suggest buying a PTFE Bowden tube when you order this printer, it's still a great deal and so far a wonderful printer.

Update 07/10/17: Got a package about a month and a half after hearing back from the seller. At first I didn't realize it was from them because it was a large-ish package 12.5"x10.5"x2" (32mmx26mmx5mm). It turns out they sent me a replacement glass bed! They must have got my replacement part mixed up with one from another customer.

Not worth any more of my time to get a replacement tube I won't use anyway.

I am still super happy with the printer, great price/performance ratio. No regrets.
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