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Delta Rod Length

Posted by tim3716 
Delta Rod Length
April 10, 2017 04:30PM
I have looked around and I cant seem to figure out what kind of effect the length of the rods do to the delta.
Things noted so far:
If the rods are not long enough it will limit your build area
The rod lengths should be the same (as close as possible)
Longer rods will limit z height

Is there any effect to the accuracy or speed of the machine as the rod lengths are increased or decreased?
Re: Delta Rod Length
April 11, 2017 05:13AM
Longer rods make it slightly easier to manually calibrate printer.

Numerical calibration of the printer will be more informed (chances of better convergence) when rods are shorter but still reach significantly behind the triangle connecting virtual tower positions.

Shorter rods (which can get almost horizontal) can lead to missing steps for firmwares which keep constant head speeds when a rod pair is getting almost horizontal. This is because the carriage speed needs to be much quicker than hotend speed in these cases.
Here is an example chart showing how much a carriage must be quicker than the hotend depending on the distance from the tower base:

The shorter the rods the more chart left/right sides are used ... and the right side is obviously dangerous.
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