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Heated bed restraint

Posted by ph00ns 
Heated bed restraint
April 10, 2017 09:32PM
Hi All,

A quick search did not turn up any concrete information regarding this question, so here goes:

How do those who have a heated bed restrain it whilst still allowing it to expand and shrink with thermal changes?

My original printer the bed was fixed at 6 points to the lower frame cross memebers and it's possible that this could have introduced some errors to prints as the bed heated and cooled.

Any feedback welcomed - Thanks
Re: Heated bed restraint
April 12, 2017 09:10AM
My bed restraints look like this
I allow about 0.5mm tolerance between the bed and its mounts, but in practice since the mounts are not perfect sections of a circle but polygonal this accounts for the 0.5mm.

The thermal expansion for an aluminium plate 330mm diameter is only 0.7mm from 20 to 120 degC so it's nice and tight when hot.

This is tooling plate so it shouldn't deform when heated.

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