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Anycubic Kossel Delta re-configure

Posted by twwd 
Anycubic Kossel Delta re-configure
May 14, 2017 02:44PM
I have a question that some may think I have lost my mined, but here goes! I have a Anycubic Kossel linear delta machine! the main board has burned out! I have an older model Sunhockey Acrylic pursa i3 board and LCD that has been programe for thw pursa and it works great using SD card. I want to take that PC board and LCD unit and install it in the Delta and use it as it is now set up!?confused smiley

Any takers on this question!? I do love to experiment with this sort of stuff!

Thanks for ant input (please don't ask me to leave the forum)grinning smiley
Re: Anycubic Kossel Delta re-configure
May 16, 2017 06:09PM
There is no problem swamping the control board, all the low end knock off boards run the same ATmega1280 chip like you would find in an arduino mega.

your last line is confusing me but
install it in the Delta and use it as it is now set up

No you will need to flash a firmware that is configured for a delta. You can't run a delta off firmware that is setup for am i3, its a different set of math that controls the positioning.
Re: Anycubic Kossel Delta re-configure
May 17, 2017 08:45PM

Thanks for the input on my question! I kind of figured my idea would not work. The original board on my Anycubic Kossel Delta burned up, and you can't find that original board at this time. For me to try and figure out the firmware and software downloads for a new type board would be real tough. I am just not that PC smart to do it.smiling smiley
Re: Anycubic Kossel Delta re-configure
May 17, 2017 10:24PM
There are lots of youtube videos out there showing how to setup marlin for a deter printer, and even more on how to flash it to the control board. It dose look overwhelming but if you can edit numbers in text, then you can update firmware

Have a google and give it a try, better than having a deter printer just sitting there. If you dont feel comfortable updating firmware yet, leave the Sunhockey board with the i3 and just buy a cheap RAMPS 1.4 and play around with that,
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