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Something wrong with my Kossel Delta

Posted by Wolfram3 
Something wrong with my Kossel Delta
May 20, 2017 02:10PM

I have a Flsun Kossel Delta 3d-printer and I have run in to some issues with it.
When I have my Y-Motor plugged in to my Y-socket the arm runs a bit weirdly.
But when I then plug it out the arm moves smoothly. ( video explaining it better )
I have no clue why it would do this, especially because the printer isn't plugged in when I move the arm.

When I try to turn on the printer and I write G28 in Pronterface only the X and Z arms moves
while the Y arms stands still. And when the X and Z arms finally have reached their end-stops
they keep on moving, but I think I can fix this in the settings.

Does anyone have any tips on what I should try next? I have tried to switch places with the motors and every time
something is plugged in to the Y-socket the arm doesn't move. I have really hit a wall this time..
If it's needed I'll share more information on the printer or some pictures.
I am a beginner so keep that in mind please winking smiley

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Re: Something wrong with my Kossel Delta
May 21, 2017 03:54AM
The Y-driver has an issue. I can't see it clearly in the video, but the drivers aren't plug-in types? So you'll need a new controller, I'm afraid... Maybe ask for a warranty replacement, claiming it's a DOA case ( defect on arrival ) .
Re: Something wrong with my Kossel Delta
May 23, 2017 05:38PM
is your wiring on the stepper configured correctly, i fogot which way it is you may have to google it, but when i was putting my connectors on my motors i didn't know which wires was paired together, but theres a method if you put two wires to get one you will feel resistance and if you pair other way it doesn't, but i cannot im my life rembember id check how the wiring is from your motor to the pins and they the same configuratiion colour wise same as the rest

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