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delta calibration problem (video)

Posted by titeuf007 
delta calibration problem (video)
May 25, 2017 11:48AM
hey everybody
i just to finish my x,y,z tower and z height
like you can see here

but if i move some others corners, the paper doesn t drag...what i need to tune? what could resolve my problem?
i have lost more 2days and i can t arrive to calibrate correctly

other thing:how do you calcule towers x,y,z position?(i have chose my position without calculate it
diag rod:267
radius print=was 116 and now 95.5
anycubic kossel plus(240mm print surface)
X: -10.500 Y: -10.800 Z: -10.600
x tower: g0 x-51y-25z0
y tower:g0 x51y-25z0
z tower:g1y52x0z0

Initial homed height :in home position after m114 i have 134.300 does it the good value for this item?

i just to test esh3d but i have tried 3 times without succes( i think i have made a mistake..)
please help me

thanks for all

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Re: delta calibration problem (video)
May 25, 2017 12:27PM
i re use esch3d software
results are
M665 R97.06 L267.00 D-0.12 E-1.07 H0.00 Z145.05
M666 X0.15 Y-0.22 Z0.07

do i need to cute and past this.?or do i need to add this x,y,z new endstop at initial value???(it s not clear for beginners)
Re: delta calibration problem (video)
May 25, 2017 07:21PM
Use the values as they are. The only exception is that when using Repetier firmware, the X and Y tower position angle corrections need to be added to the standard tower position angles.

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