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New Delta

Posted by tlmxcpmpp 
New Delta
June 07, 2017 03:41PM
Hello i am new to this forum.
Anyway, i currently have a Kossel Delta that i purchased off eBay, i loved it so much i built a larger one. the problem is the new Ramps 1.4 board and the delta are not working correctly.
i grabbed the mother board out of the original delta that i purchased from eBay, changed a few settings and new new larger delta worked fine.
Can the new ramps 1.4 with Arduino board off of ebay as well and put same config file into the ramps 1.4 board and my the new extra large delta i built will not Home.
i click the home button several times and each axis moved 2-3 mm one aftyer the other then stops.
i reversed end-stops, i also changed the end stops from NC to NO still does same thing.
what i can't figure out is , same firmware on original mother board works fine with new larger delta but once i put the ramps 1.4 with Arduino on the larger delta it will not move or home.
any ideas.
Mind you both have same exact firmware.
Both Deltas even thou one is larger with different settings works fine with original Mother board.
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