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Folgertech Kossel Rev A strangesness

Posted by SlowFoot 
Folgertech Kossel Rev A strangesness
July 11, 2017 02:22PM
Hello again, its been a while.
I have one of the last Kossel Rev A-kits that Folgertech made. The build staled because of RLI but now I am at it again. Everything have come together fine including a few upgrades.
The delta will home ok, I can move it around with Repetier-Host (1.65 IIRC) and X, Y, and Z movement are fairly correct.
How ever:
The extruder will not move, I swapped stepper-stick with no luck.
If I just let the printer sit for a while it will go "tick" and the x-motor moves.
If I try to use G-code it will not move correctly. If I do "G1 Z100 F4000", Repetier-Host will show Z=100 but it .will run the nozzle in to the bed (that is covered with a thick paper).
Also, is there a user manual? Trying to figure out a script for a successful auto-calibration (with servo) is not that easy for a G-code newbee.

Re: Folgertech Kossel Rev A strangesness
July 11, 2017 03:04PM
Hi, if the hot end is not up to temperature the extruded will function.
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