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Jaycar Rostock calibration

Posted by benno802 
Jaycar Rostock calibration
July 24, 2017 08:14AM
Im real REAL new at this 3D printing game, and bought a Rostock delta 3D printer at the advice of the guy at jaycar that it would be easy to set up and use. Im not sure if I'm missing something here but its taken me a few days and many head scratches to have finally arrived at my first print, but as the layers went up they travelled along the Z axis almost on a 45 degree angle and got looser and looser. Im not real good at all with programming or that sort of thing, I managed to get all the points set to a piece of paper width and thought it would be ok but I was sadly mistaken. Can anyone help me work it out or point me in the direction of a decent setup guide? My lack of knowledge and terminology in regards to printers has me struggling at what to search to get the answers to my problems.

Thanks in advance,

Re: Jaycar Rostock calibration
July 24, 2017 11:45AM
I'd say check to make sure the belts are tight. Also check the pulleys on the motors, make sure they're not rotating around the motor shaft, rather than with it. Sometimes people miss the grub screws and they just slide. Also do you know what system board it has? You might have to adjust the voltage for the stepper drivers.

Edit: Looks like it's got an Arduino Mega/RAMPS board, you'll definitely want to make sure the stepper drivers are adjusted correctly.

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Re: Jaycar Rostock calibration
July 25, 2017 04:52AM
Im really beginning to think this was abad choice of first 3D printer and I was led astray as to the ease to use it. I watched a few youtube videos about adjusting stepper motors and got lost, the belts were tight and pulleys were on firmly. Can you please direct me to a 'stepper drive adjustment for dummies' type of guide?
Re: Jaycar Rostock calibration
July 25, 2017 02:28PM
This should help you through. Set them to 0.4

Re: Jaycar Rostock calibration
July 26, 2017 03:53AM
ok they're all set down to .4, it seems like my printer isn't printing level now. the further along the -y axis it goes the closer to the bed until it touched and I killed the job, this thing is coming very close to going through a window
Re: Jaycar Rostock calibration
July 26, 2017 06:26PM
There's a section here on calibration that might help you with that. https://www.techbrands.co.nz/dbdocument/16101/tl4100_manual_9276.pdf

It's probably just calibration, it could be a hardware thing though.

You'll want to make sure something isn't interfering with the effector when it's moved -y. The tube/wire bundle itself could be causing it to tilt.
Also the arms have to be exactly (or at least super close) to being the same length. If they're not, you'll get tilt like that
If the towers aren't perpendicular to the bed, it'll show up as tilt also.
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