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3d printing woes. First layer good distance. But blobs/strong getting in way?

Posted by Jmtech 
3d printing woes. First layer good distance. But blobs/strong getting in way?
July 29, 2017 02:46PM
Any ideas why this is happening? Just finished building it. Cube etc prints ok. Although all 4 corners seem to curl up?
It starts off so well. Then eventually hits the printer or similar. Not sure but one of the pictures it seems to have blobbed out?

Not sure if its relate to cura generated supports? Ive used rafts etc. But the support generator misses loads (e.g. did an iron man faceplate. It completley missed support on the bottom which isnt sat on the plate. Despite me checking to support everywhere.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

open | download - 20170729_184156-756x1008.jpg (236.3 KB)
open | download - 20170729_193103-756x1008.jpg (205.2 KB)
It sort of looks like your extrusion width is set funny, did you change it or did you let the slicer choose? Are you sure you have your nozzle size correct. It looks like your printer has a bad calibration, a hair low in some places, and high in other.
Its set as the default(cura). The nozzle is correct ive just checked.
As a side note. Prints seem fine with no support. Which is ok as long as i dont need it. But if i try to add a raft etc it gets messed up.

Could it be my support details? Its only setup standard...

Update: i removed the raft. Tgeres a little bit of support (selected touching buildplate) and its spot on after 2.5 hours. So looks like my issies are raft and/or when i select support everywhere.

Im going to attempt meshmixer to generate supports and see how that comes out with/without a raft to try and isolate whats going on. Would like to get it nailed as this printer has a taller build volume then my cartisian and wanted to avoid having to slice all my models in half so they sit flush on the bed

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