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Ultibot direct-drive extruder delta

Posted by shadowphile 
Ultibot direct-drive extruder delta
September 07, 2017 08:32PM
I just ran across this model ultibot delta and realized at one point there was no bowden tube.
My biggest complaint about deltas are the bowden tubes. The have multiple disavantages and my biggest peeve is unable to use soft filaments.
So..how does this machine get away with doing something that opposes the biggest advantage claimed for deltas?
(I also read recently that deltas don't have the large speed advantage they used to have over cartesians).
Re: Ultibot direct-drive extruder delta
September 08, 2017 02:36AM
Wow, what a bad design eye popping smiley
The nozzle is very far below the mag ball effector. Probably the geared (pancake? ) extruder is to big to fit between the rods.
Re: Ultibot direct-drive extruder delta
September 08, 2017 03:58PM
I'm sure there are plenty of deltas with direct extruders, but they will have to print slower or suffer some quality loss.

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