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G33 and Manual Probe?

Posted by enricosx 
G33 and Manual Probe?
September 18, 2017 01:54PM
hello, i try in my delta auto calibration with MANUAL probe
set delta heigh with m666 h301
execute g33
touch the paper
execute g33 until go to home
execute m500
Calibration probing done. Calibrated 7 factors using 7 points, deviation before 3.3017 after 0.0367 Endstops X-0.934 Y-1.770 Z0.000 height 307.825 diagonal rod 290.643 delta radius 159.371 Towers radius correction I6.56 J1.45 K0.00

1. now my bed is Z7.8
2. if i try another G33 , the first point is out of bed.

can you teach me how to use it? thank you

Creality Ender 3
Re: G33 and Manual Probe?
September 19, 2017 02:46AM
What FW are you using? Version?
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