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Renren 3d LE Help firmware

Posted by millerman 
Renren 3d LE Help firmware
October 03, 2017 08:28PM
Bought like a year ago and just now putting it together. I went to get the firmware and the website is not functional......

So I am playing with Marlin and a kossel firmware and feel that I am close but..... If ig give G1 x0 y0 z100 is still like 140mm or so away....

is there an offset that I am missing ? can my geometry be wrong ? I was hoping someone here with the same machine could maybe send me there .h files

I have the endstops all functioning correctly, they stop all equal heights so the unit is centered above the work area well.

I don't think I am missing steps... unless all three are missing equally.

any help greatly appreciated. I have 3 kids eager to build something. Ok 2 kids and me 11 and 9
Re: Renren 3d LE Help firmware
October 04, 2017 06:02AM
Your firmware is not calibrated (all the printer geometry data are somewhat or a lot of wrong). You need to get them into firmware very precisely, preferably with precision below 0.02 mm definitely below 0.1 mm). Otherwise you will hardly be able to print anything well.
As of now you have Z_MAX_POS (or MANUAL_Z_HOME_POS) wrong by about 140 mm.

Read some tutorials about printer calibration first. Later if you want to improve it even more then get a z-probe and read also this: [github.com]
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