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Manual calibration on SeemeCNC H2

Posted by NOVAprint 
Manual calibration on SeemeCNC H2
August 08, 2018 08:49PM
I have had it to my ears with the automatic sensor on the rostock H2. The hot end is way too carefully engineered for field assembly to be generally very reliable, and the sensor does not always want to sense. I was thinking about trying to trick the firmware into thinking it was an H2 and I could do the old style manual z height calibration with the know. The routine works very well and seems to be much more reliable although not as computer precise and the accelerometers. Any thoughts you all is this complete heresy?

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Re: Manual calibration on SeemeCNC H2
August 09, 2018 01:09AM
I don't know the H2, but you may find my delta calibration calculator at [escher3d.com] helpful.

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