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Polar Delta arms with Hylite?

Posted by o_lampe 
Polar Delta arms with Hylite?
October 19, 2018 03:31AM
We've seen a few approaches to build pick & place machines with polar ( radial? ) Delta geometry.

Marcs ( M_Xeno ) remarks about the complexity of building precise stuff with Hylite is a bit discouraging, but I see a huge (weight) benefit to build one_piece polar arms with Hylite.
IMHO the polar Delta is interesting for 3D printing too. Considering the chance that, without the need for vertical members, a few Delta-effectors could co-operate on the same platform.
Re: Polar Delta arms with Hylite?
October 19, 2018 08:49AM
Imagine that I started by trying the Hylite on a machine with two linked polar arms, and also on a Scott-Russel mechanism, extremely light, and which only requires a single guide axis.

These two mechanical formulas share the same limitation: Cartesian coordinates can only be checked, from a non-Cartesian kinematics, for a single point, which poses on the one hand mechanical adjustment problems, to make the nozzle coincide with this theoretical point, and on the other hand prohibits in practice the use of several distinct nozzles on the same mechanism (except at the cost of a significant complication of the calculations).

So I developed the delta version in Hylite, Zatsit, which escapes these limitations, and is more practical and versatile.

But I also have other ideas, with the Hylite! One step at a time!

PS: Three delta-effectors cooperating on the same platform : Tri-Zatsit, as a base !...

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