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1000mm/s printing

Posted by Pippy 
1000mm/s printing
May 23, 2019 06:58AM
Looks crazy ..

Kossel 1000mm/s
Re: 1000mm/s printing
May 23, 2019 11:17AM
Acceleration seems to be very low. Notice how slowly infill is printed. There is no long enough line to get anywhere near 1 m/s printing. Actually it looks like infill is printed barely about 20 cm/s on average. Probably less. Situation would be much worse with e.g. hexagonal infill where direction is changed more often.

I also doubt that the walls are printed at 1 m/s. Look at it this way. If his acceleration is 4 m/s² (a common value for glass belt deltas) then his walls are printed at speed of about 0.75 m/s at the maximum value in the middle of the long wall (which has probably about 14 cm). The print time of one line of that wall would be 0.19 s. Looks about right when you run the video slowly (I measured almost 1 s of line print time at video speed of 0.25). The average speed for the wall would be around 0.38 m/s ... which is impressive but far from 1 m/s.

I would be interested to see the quality of the walls of the finished print. What layer height was used, what extruder and what kind of pressure advance was used if any. And how long is the bowden.

Anybody here who wants to watch the video frame by frame and find the time of printing of one line of the longest wall?

Conclusion: that video is very far from 1 m/s printing since his accelerations are way too poor for a quick printer.

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Re: 1000mm/s printing
May 23, 2019 05:54PM
I can't provide any answers to any questions really, but you're right sure.

Yes a look at the finished print would be nice and very useful.

Still, it's going pretty fast all the same. Few people reach the speeds the video shows from what I've seen of other videos of printing in progress.
Re: 1000mm/s printing
July 11, 2019 01:52PM
Print settings om this particular print..

1 m/s
11 m/s2

outer 70% so Hercek you were spot on on the outer perimeters

infill.. I couldn't even in my imagination even believe that there was any speed gained there.. so i set that low-ish

450mm/s and 6000mm/s2 and gained some cooling time..

length ~128.5mm
in going and out going speed 25mm/s
Time( i filmed it in slomo as well as the YT) 26 frames @ 119.88 fps = 0.21688355 seconds

so accelerating/deccelerating during 0.179 sec and full speed for wooopping 0.0378 sec ~35mm

layerheight 0.1


reinforced 400 mm bowden 1.9mm ID and no pneumatic fittings.

PA i don't remember but looow less than 0.1 and it seems to make less the higher the speed is..

Volcano at 285 C

ABS Black

quality wise it was descent.. I will see if i find a picture of it.. the actual piece is at work..

Didn't found any pictures but i found this short clip where the "quality" shows better... [youtu.be]

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Re: 1000mm/s printing
July 12, 2019 03:59AM
Thanks for info.
285 °C is quite high for ABS but probably needed for extruder to work well at high speed. Did you notice any ABS thermal degradation ... maybe when not printing for a while and having the hotend heated?
Re: 1000mm/s printing
July 12, 2019 10:16AM
285°C is rather high, agree...

I do not print at this speeds normally, totally impractically..so I don't know the long term heat vs ABS in the hotend.. I never leave the filament in the hotend anyway.. the BMG is a pain in the ** for loading and unloading manually..
I have been using a extended volcano for some time now(10mm longer) and it works good for all type of printing, at least when accompanied by my reinforced bowden. so far up to 450mm/s..

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