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Z0 and the result

Posted by PastorHealer 
Z0 and the result
September 09, 2019 06:08PM
Delta K200 Printer

Z0 is set at .1 above the glass bed
Z Probe Height is at 5.5
Z Height 303.350

When I check Z0, I have the nozzle set to be at .1 above the glass. And that is where the nozzle lands.

I check the 3 outer coordinates for nozzle height and all is fine. The nozzle is within .02 at each location.

Then the wheels fall off...

When I use G32 S2 P0, the probing changes the bed height by .77mm's.

If I use G32 S1 P0, nothing changes, but the Delta printer becomes a glass cutter instead of a printer.

Clear S2 changes the bed height by the .77, but why is it doing this and where is that number coming

As well, if I use the S1 attribute, while the bed height doesn't change, the glass cutter affect is still in

What am I doing wrong in getting a print started?
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