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SD Card being detected but cannot see any content

Posted by AndyD 
SD Card being detected but cannot see any content
September 17, 2019 09:45AM
Hi, my reprap is pretty much fully functional, in that I can move all axes manually, and extrude PLA. Heater and thermistors are all working OK too. So, I am now at the stage where I would like to actually do some test prints. I am resigned to the fact that this will lead me on to yet more trouble, but for the moment I am stuck with SD card issues.

My config is Mega 2560 with Ramps 1.4, along with an LCD interface card (with integrated SD card reader) running Marlin 1.1.9 firmware.

My issue is that although the firmware detects the insertion and removal of the SD card, it doesn't show any content. If I select the card via the LCD screen then I see a folder icon, plus a '..' icon that allows me to go back up.

The SD card has ben formatted as FAT16 and is 512MB - so not too big.

First question: is this expected behaviour? Does the data on the card need to conform to a special naming scheme or anything like that?

wrt firmware, I have enabled SDSUPPORT and have also added the following hack into the setup() function in Marlin_main.cpp (based on a 'fix' I found elsewhere):

  /* power on init. sd card */
    SERIAL_ECHOLNPAIR("At startup the card is ", card.cardOK ? "OK" : "not OK");

Curiously, I don't see the 'At startup' message on the LCD screen.

To clarify further: in the Info screen I see the 'Card Inserted' and 'Card Removed' messages, exactly as expected. However, if I then step down to Menu 1, I see the message 'No SD Card'. Clicking on this takes me to the empty file list which only allows me to go back up to the Menu 1 level.

Any suggestions most appreciated!

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Re: SD Card being detected but cannot see any content
September 20, 2019 09:32AM
Hah! Following advice from another post on this forum (sorry I've lost the link) it appears that it's all down to my SD card. After experimenting with several that I had lying around, I finally found one that worked.
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