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Hackka V1 Kossel Delta help

Posted by kga943 
Hackka V1 Kossel Delta help
December 27, 2019 09:47PM
high new to the forum and i have this hackka v1 kossel i need help with the wiring if you have one can you post pics of your motherboard ? and it seems like it has firmware already installed i tried to add pictures to this thread but it says they are to big when i turn the printer on it shows the printer hed temp and has auto home listed and sd card not in so i think it has firmware thanks for any help you can give me
Re: Hackka V1 Kossel Delta help
December 31, 2019 07:41PM
It does have firmware installed, mostly Chinese but the important parts are English as you'll see when connected to Pronterface/PC/USB.

I've since replaced my board so no pics, but I did capture the board connections from the .pdf file for you, in case that helps. No seller ever shows the actual wiring for liability reasons, in case their junk burns you down.

I tried 3 times to attach the 3.3M .pdf file, but also get a 413 entity to large error.

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