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High pitch ballscrew delta

Posted by corkadventure 
High pitch ballscrew delta
January 31, 2020 07:08PM
I've come to the conclusion so far that a high pitch ballscrew delta is what I should build to get high speed with ok accuracy and no ringning.

3 linear rails
3 ballscrews
3 nema 34 motors

Arduino Duo with external high amp stepper drivers

My theory is that this will be the best bang for the buck for my purposes.

Should I build this or should I use 20mm belts instead?
open | download - big-delta.png (712 KB)
Re: High pitch ballscrew delta
February 01, 2020 03:25AM
External drivers need extended step pulse timing, which limits the step rates you can achieve. I recommend you avoid them on deltas, because of the high step rates you need to achieve the high speeds that deltas are capable of. Additionally, most external stepper drivers need 5V drive signals, and the Arduino Due only provides 3.3V.

How large is your delta? If it is so big that it really does need Nema 34 motors, then Duet 3 may be a good match.

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Re: High pitch ballscrew delta
February 04, 2020 05:57PM
Ball Screws? Those have such high resolutions that "high speed" and "ball screw" are rarely used in the same sentence.

That sounds really expensive.


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Re: High pitch ballscrew delta
February 04, 2020 07:54PM
... there are "fast stroke" sindles too, with ball-bearings -- my "common" CNC machines use 16mm spindles with 5mm stroke per rev, while the "fast stroke" ones can have 20 or 40mm per revolution ... then they suffer slightly in accuracy, but can run pretty fast cool smiley

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