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Need help reprap delta

Posted by snake0012 
Need help reprap delta
July 21, 2020 09:00PM
Hay everybody
First I am a noob in 3d printing , so be kandely
2 years ago I get a Chinese Deltabot reprap
I tried for the second time & the mother board was K.O
Anyway I replaced it , sincen that I never touched it again
But this days I really need to print some parts
It's a medical part , & I very need them
The thing is , my 3d printer is crazy & it's gonna make me crazy either.
Every time a calibrate it , when I lunch the print it kinda a losing all the modification ??!! Maybe I don't know
Sometimes it's look like it saved , but the quality is juste horrible !!!
i did like a 100 calibrations , changed the temperature of hot bed & the extender but the same result
I asking for help
Ps: I printed yesterday a small pieces (skull) it's was ok
open | download - received_880601299093609.jpeg (57.6 KB)
Re: Need help reprap delta
July 22, 2020 02:51AM
Looks like the hotend is either too close to the bed for the first layer and/or there are extrusion problems.

Re: Need help reprap delta
July 22, 2020 04:39PM
What firmware and version are you using?
What exactly are you doing to calibrate the printer?
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