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Remote Drive Shaft Choppy?

Posted by Power3DPrinting 
Remote Drive Shaft Choppy?
January 28, 2021 01:43PM
Hey, just a question to anyone that has used a remote drive extruder but is the shaft supposed to be choppy in its tubed/sleeve? The shaft itself is plenty rigid but when I turn it by hand it takes quite a bit more force to turn it 180 degrees than the following 180 degrees to complete a 360 degree rotation. Is this normal?
Re: Remote Drive Shaft Choppy?
January 28, 2021 01:46PM
Sorry for posting this in the wrong section, only just realized "New Topic" defaults to where I was last reading
Re: Remote Drive Shaft Choppy?
January 28, 2021 01:56PM
I do not have a shaft system but I thought about it in the past.
Anyway, I want to tell that you do not really need any sleeve for the shaft. The sleeve is interesting only from the safety point of view - to avoid rotating shaft wearing out something which may be touching it or so that some loose string does not start to reel up on the shaft.
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