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Delta print trouble

Posted by Dgils 
Delta print trouble
March 24, 2021 08:25PM
So I finally finish with setup of my delta.

i have delta kossel K800xl + marlin (last one) + alumimium bed
I use cura 4.8 (last version up to date)
distance between bed and nozzle is like a piece of paper thin. mean I tune z heigh correctly

I tried to print a cube 10mm side :

here are trouble I encounter when printing :
-at the begining pla do not stick to bed.
-I try to pass from 60deg C to 70 deg C. It does not change.
-I will try with blue scotch
-I will try with 80 deg C for bed

the only thing seem to work is when I push PLA instead of extruder when doing print against print.

for the top of cube it seem pla does not go enough to close top face, I have no solution (extruder is pushing, but maybe not enough)
-maybe higher extruder step ?

So if someone have clues.
Thank for help.

sometime side face of cube are with small holes. Maybe due to the fact I print in draft resolution

For dimention of cube it seem to be respectead and print does not goes left or right meaning it's good.

So if someone has an idea ?
Re: Delta print trouble
May 09, 2021 11:11PM
First things first.

With my printer I set the nozzle to "paper thin" so the paper has to be pulled to move it. Then I back off the height to allow 0.1 mm additional clearance.
I then print the first layer at 0.3 layer height with 200% first layer width. (I use slic3r separately from the printer control since I like repetier-host for printing)

My temps are set at 55 for the bed, 210 for first layer, and between 185 and 195 for the remainder of the print depending upon what is being printed. Lower temps mean less sag, especially on the top layers where it has less support.

For sticking to the glass bed I use a light coat of hairspray. Works well, easy to clean off, and a single coat works for several prints.

High bed temps are not good for pla. the 70 to 80 range is for abs. PLA should be at 50 - 60. I keep mine in the middle at 55.

If you suspect not enough filament being extruded then play with the steps. An easy way to calibrate the steps is to disconnect the tube from the extruder motor, then mark the filament in 2 places, one at the entrance to the extruder, then one 10 mm away. Tell the extruder to advance 10 mm and if the second mark just reaches the motor it is correct. Adjust the steps as needed until the filament advances just 10 mm with that command.

Also check bed level. The height should be the same next to each of the 3 towers and the travel should be flat so the height is the same at the center of the bed. If the travel is not flat then it can either scrape at the center but have clearance at the edges, or leave too much room at the center and be correct at the edges..

The xyz I use with a 280 mm print bed is A -> X-103.92 Y-60 Z0.00 B -> X103.92 Y-60 Z0.00 C -> X0 Y120 Z0.00 Center -> X0 Y0 Z0.00 These points are 120 mm from the center of the bed next to each tower.
Re: Delta print trouble
October 12, 2021 07:20PM

Sorry for the delay,
For information, issue seem to connected with A4988 I need to turn small screw to put more voltage in motor. But i do not have ref of motor or did not find it to calculate voltage I need.
In the meantime, I bought an SKR1.3 + TMC5160.
I changed board.
I have some new issues but anyway thx for your help with this
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