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Looking for some guidance on heated beds

Posted by sircastor 
Looking for some guidance on heated beds
August 24, 2021 07:50PM
Hello All,

I have owned a scaled up self-built kossel mini for a very long time (700mm tall, 360mm extrusions), and I've been slowly upgrading various features on it. I've had a 310mm round Borosilicate glass bed to print on, supported by FSRs. This has worked fine for me as I've printed exclusively PLA, but I'm ready to try some other materials and have been interested in printing some ABS again (My first printer was a Makerbot Cupcake, which printed all the parts for this machine)

I'm a bit overwhelmed by the options available for replacing the bed. There are kapton heaters, silicone heaters, and PCB heaters. Glass beds, Steel beds, and special surfaces to help stick, Some have magnets, some don't. If I use a PCB, I need a heat spreader. If I use FSRs, I have to protect them from heat. If I switch to inductive sensors I have to use a non-glass bed. The list of course, goes on and on.

Because of the size of my printer (which seemed like a great idea at the time) my surface needs to be about 280mm diameter (my current plate is oversized). I've thought about just using a square bed, but I have plans to try and enclose everything eventually.

Does anyone have a delta heated build plate they love? Or just recommendations?
Re: Looking for some guidance on heated beds
August 25, 2021 02:16AM
I use a mains voltage silicone heater under a 300mm diameter 5mm thick aluminium plate. [miscsolutions.wordpress.com]

Don't use an inductive sensor, use some type of nozzle contact sensor.

Large delta printer [miscsolutions.wordpress.com], E3D tool changer, Robotdigg SCARA printer, Crane Quad and Ormerod

Disclosure: I design Duet electronics and work on RepRapFirmware, [duet3d.com].
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