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Flashing new board

Posted by 3Dweb 
Flashing new board
February 20, 2022 06:37AM
I recently brought out my (Folgertech) Kossel Delta printer (from 2018) and fired her up and she worked just fine.. Now I want to up grade from the arduino 2560 R3 + ramps 1.4 to a 32 bit board, but I'm having issues with what board to update to and how to flash the firmware. The SKR mini E3 v3.0 appears to be the board I would like to use...Is this a good choice.. The bigger issue for me is the firmware.. I remember that rod length needs to entered into the equation.. I'm kind of at a loss. I have tried to find more info but not really successful.. A friend suggested that I try this site. Anyone out there that point me in the right direction. The printer volume is 200x200x200

Tank you in advance
Re: Flashing new board
February 21, 2022 02:07PM
I assume you have a bed sensor on your delta.

If you can't find the Folgertech specs, you can start by just measuring the dimensions the best you can.
Then, If you intend to use Marlin, you can use delta calibration, G33.

www.escher3.com has a great calibration aid and there are many sources that walk you through calibration.
Re: Flashing new board
February 22, 2022 09:49AM
Thank you jcs I will take a look at escher3.com.. I'm still not sure what firmware and controller board to use..will escher3 have that info?? Folgertech specs are hard to find... But I'm still looking.

Re: Flashing new board
February 22, 2022 02:58PM
The escher3 site has a "wizard" for delta parameters that is firmware agnostic. I don't know if the site has any other information.
If you use the SKR board, your best choice is Marlin and then G33, unless you want to add a raspberry Pi to the SKR board and go with Klipper.
Alternatively, you could go for a Duet (for more money).
Klipper and Duet both have delta calibration too, so rough measure and calibrate still applies.
Re: Flashing new board
March 01, 2022 08:58PM
Thank you again for the input jcs,
I'm leaning towards the SKR E3 V3 after more research I think adding the raspberry Pi and using Klipper.
The Duet is pricey but I have a while to save up. By the time I'm ready for the controller and more learning I might have a different Idea for a controller board.

P.S. Ill figure font size soon. right now I get "" when I select font size

Re: Flashing new board
March 03, 2022 04:57PM
It's been a few years since I used Marlin but in my experience RepRapFirmware has been superior to Marlin on my delta. If a duet board is out of your budget, you can also run it on cheaper LPC and STM32(recommended) based boards. [teamgloomy.github.io]
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