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Delta Printer

Posted by dirkscheuble 
Delta Printer
March 04, 2016 02:39AM
Hi all,

I'm selling my Delta Printer.
see the german description here: http://forums.reprap.org/read.php?251,634687

Due to a massive lack of time I cannot finish building this Delta.
In principle it is ready to print. But there is some work in terms of software setup to to.

All parts are designed with Autodesk Inventor.

All parts are made of aluminium
Base plate 10mm
intermediate plate 5mm
plate on top 3mm

Heated pintbed 300mm diameter with kapton cover and very good isolation at the bottom and sides made of resocell.

The effecor has been 3d printed.It has a integrated Z-Probe. It can accommodate a 30mm fan, filament cooling fan and a E3D V6 full metal hotend or similar.

The Rods are made of CarbonFiberTubes, Magnetjoints with PEEK - steel ball contact for low (almost no) friction.

The three axes are made of alu profile 40x40mm
Equipped with 650mm preloaded IGUS linear guides for movement without clearance/backlash
The high resolution steppers have 400 Steps / 360°
optical endstops, belt tensioning via the uppermost pulley.
The alu parts were welded and afterwards machined on a CNC for maximum precision.

Thats it.

To come to a "ready to print" state you will need:
Arduino+Ramps or equivalent
Power supply,
some cabeling (Extruder + Hotend)
Extruder and Hotend.

These parts are mounted in my second printer which I don't want to disassemble / sell.

If you are interested just send me a pm.

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