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Thingfarm now serving North America

Posted by Nether10 
Thingfarm now serving North America
February 23, 2011 08:26PM
I'm pleased to announce that Thingfarm is now serving the North American market:


Mendel kits are in stock, Prusa kits are coming soon, and other products are in development.
Re: Thingfarm now serving North America
April 19, 2011 04:57PM
I've got a question:

I live in the US, it seems like both the product is cheaper AND the shipping is cheaper if I buy it from the uk, as opposed to canada. Is that the way it is supposed to be?

Here the canadian site gives me $198.80 ($158.80 +$40 T+S+H) for the mendel kit

Here the UK site gives me $162.97 ( $143.61 + $19.36 T+S+H) for the same mendel kit + the geared extruder parts(!)

I created user accounts at both sites and set my shipping address.

I'm going to go for the $36 cheaper one.
Re: Thingfarm now serving North America
May 24, 2011 01:52PM
Whoops, somehow missed this reply. Sorry for responding late!

First, I can tell you that the shipping quote you got from Thingfarm UK isn't correct. I've talked with him on a number of occasions about shipping to North America, and his shipping charges can easily run triple or more what you were quoted. When I first contacted him for a kit, it was going to be ~$60 just for shipping.

Next, Thingfarm North America's prices have dropped, and will keep dropping. Not $36 (yet), but driving down prices is an ongoing process. Thingfarm North America has only been operating since February, so I'm still finding better deals all the time, and will keep adjusting prices downward as I can.

Please also consider that these are Metric parts being purchased here in North America. In Europe Metric parts are the only ones you can get, but here in North America you *can* find Metric parts, but not as cheaply as SAE parts (and in some cases, finding a stable supply can be tricky - ask me how I know). Being only $36 off the UK price, I think I'm doing pretty well in sourcing my parts thus far.

Either way, I hope you got the kit you want (either from me or from the UK).

As a further update to this thread, Mendel and Prusa kits are in stock, NEMA 17 stepper motors are in stock, Wade's Geared Extruder kits are in stock, and more parts will be added as the year goes on (hot end for Wade's, thick cut sheets, RP parts) and as demand dictates.

Andrew Netherton
Thingfarm North America
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