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ChocEdge From Sanguinololu to Melzi - will it work?

Posted by mekastudios 
ChocEdge From Sanguinololu to Melzi - will it work?
January 24, 2014 10:13PM
Hey guys,

I have a ChocEdge that has a fried Sanguinololu board. I do not just want to replace it with a new Sanguinololu, those have been giving me problems and I am a bit more familiar with the Melzi boards. I would really like to change the electronics to a Melzi board so that I can add on a heated bed and an LCD screen. My question is basically will this work?

1. What changes would I have to make for the firmware? For example, the chocedge does not need a temperature sensor for the extruder, how do I make that change?
2. What power supply/input would I need? - What does this depend on, the Melzi board or the motors?
3. I plan to use the Panelolu2 LCD for Melzi, anyone have any thoughts on this?

I’m not sure about the exact specs of the ChocEdge to begin with - many questions remain, is it a custom marlin firmware? what motors does it use?, power consumption of the motors and solenoid to allow for controlled extrusion? If anyone has any views there, that would be gold!

New research:
All 3 axis on the ChocEdge run: [www.aliexpress.com]
The dispenser is controlled by: [www.stepping-motor.cn]

If someone is willing to help me with this build, I would be eternally grateful!


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