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l1 Inductor Coil Values

Posted by Joe 'Volg' Greene 
l1 Inductor Coil Values
July 04, 2013 02:10AM
While looking at DigiKey for parts using the BOM from the Gen7 1.5 Shematic I encountered the L1 Inductor coil and it's 10uH rating.. limitingthe search to through hole 10uH inductors cut the list of options down to 307.. so I'm looking for some of the other parameters which can be specified.. such as:

Current Rating
Current - Saturation
Material - Core
DC Resistance (DCR)
Q @ Freq
Frequency - Self Resonant

Any of the above specs should limit the selection enough to make it plausible to select the right on, but I'm guessing the DCR and Current Rating are the most important.. yes I am a newbie hobbyist in regards to electronics.
Re: l1 Inductor Coil Values
July 04, 2013 07:10AM
None of these parameters gets even close to the limit. E.g. current rating should be about 20 mA. Simply find one which fits into these two holes.

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