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Gen7 1.5. ATX power supply

Posted by sonex128 
Gen7 1.5. ATX power supply
July 23, 2013 07:01PM
I have been running my 1.5 board for quite a while with power just going through the disk connectors. I just bought a new ATX power supply and plugged it in, switched the jumper to ATX. When I turn it on one of the USB LEDs flashes and both the standby and power LEDs come on, when I connect with Repetier host it shuts the power supply down. Any tips on what to check?


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Re: Gen7 1.5. ATX power supply
July 24, 2013 08:54AM
Turning on the power supply also turns on the USB device, so some data exchange to register it in the PC OS happens. The green LED shouldn't turn on until the power supply turns on, though (listen to its fan).

If the PSU shuts down on small loads already, you likely have a PSU which requires a base load. Additionally connecting an old CD drive or a 12V light bulb on the 5V rail should help.

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