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Gen7 - still current?

Posted by majic79 
Gen7 - still current?
November 29, 2020 04:23PM

I'm fishing for information, and maybe looking towards my next project.

I'm in need of a controller for my next 3D printer (Mendel90) and I'm 95% happy with my home rolled Gen7 board (I did this over 6 years ago for my Foldarap - still going strong). I've got another electronics project on the go, and I'm sort of having regrets now about not going for an ARM32 MCU, but I digress.

Things I really like about Gen7:
  • Replaceable Stepper Drivers
  • Marlin Compatible
  • It pretty much "just works"

Things I want to improve:
  • Switchable Fan output
  • Heated Chamber control (power out/temperature in)
  • Extra stepper motor output (dual powered Z or dual extruder support)

Before I try and reinvent the wheel - is there already such a beast out there? Or do I need to roll my sleeves up?
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