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Polypropylene printing ?

Posted by Emmanuel 
Polypropylene printing ?
November 21, 2011 03:56PM
Same has Richrap but for PP, does anyone had tested it extensively ?

I ask cause I may have a friendly industrial who will give me a roll of 3mm PP.

Since it's one of the material suggested to extrude through a recyclebot from common bottles, I assumed its possible to safely print with it, but didn't found much informations about that.
Re: Polypropylene printing ?
November 21, 2011 07:02PM
Yes PP is safe to print with. It works but is shrinks and warps a lot like HDPE.

Re: Polypropylene printing ?
November 10, 2012 03:50PM
There is a dearth of information about polypropylene printing on the wiki/here.

Has anyone else tried it? I have just tried it, it extrudes nicely at 230C, but I can't get it to stick to anything! Any suggestions from those that have got it to work?

Here's where I got my filament [www.ebay.com]
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