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Any POM/Polyoxymethylene/Acetal/Delrin® experiences?

Posted by danielpublic 
Any POM/Polyoxymethylene/Acetal/Delrin® experiences?
December 13, 2011 09:39AM
Is there anyone here who have experimented/experiences with POM/Polyoxymethylene/Acetal/Delrin® ?

A loved child has many names, well known for its fine properties for various mechanical applications AND being cheap as peas. POM would be an excellent candidate for a "rack & piniony" X & Y, even Z I suppose alá this. That one could fit into a T-slot aluminium extrusion. Should speed things up a bit no? tongue sticking out smiley

I don't know if it is possible to use POM as filament(?), but in any case it should be possible to go the other way around by "casting it" in random mouldmaterial that can take it. Pellets should be easy to find and cheap!

At first I was thinking pewter but that would be to tempt things I suppose...
Aluminium would work very well as a mold, it seems to be the most costeffective/readily available method for this application?

By "casting it", I suppose I mean more of very academic "squishy something after a mould thing"-term since POM's bonding properties make bonding problematic...

Thoughts/suggestions on this matter?

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Re: Any POM/Polyoxymethylene/Acetal/Delrin® experiences?
December 23, 2011 04:25PM
Howto make a acetal leadscrew easily and cheap, aught to be "better" than any m8 nut if one can get the fit just right. I guess this also could be applied to making some dito bushings.
Re: Any POM/Polyoxymethylene/Acetal/Delrin® experiences?
March 20, 2012 05:10PM
Anyone actually tried POM yet?

I have found a source of 3mm rod (though sadly only in 3m lengths so far) and want to have a go.

Anything I should bear in mind or be careful of? Any danger of fumes etc?

Re: Any POM/Polyoxymethylene/Acetal/Delrin® experiences?
April 10, 2012 09:23AM
Delrin is the best plastic for machining, drilling and cutting,but even cutting it will give off toxic fumes, and you certainly do not want to melt it without some sort of ventilation.

Not sure it could be extruded, as it really does not melt in a nice way like abs
Re: Any POM/Polyoxymethylene/Acetal/Delrin® experiences?
September 26, 2012 12:29AM
gsport, did you have any success with the Acetal/Delrin?
Re: Any POM/Polyoxymethylene/Acetal/Delrin® experiences?
September 28, 2012 09:48PM
I have plenty Delrin in rod and blocks and a Lathe, mill, cnc mill... if anyone needs any help or has any ideas.

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