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Oled printing?

Posted by nick16001 
Oled printing?
May 28, 2012 01:54AM
What do you guys think about those inkjet oled printers(printing oled color display could it be built using a modified reprap.How about a tutorial.
Re: Oled printing?
May 28, 2012 04:17AM
Yes. Why didn't you write a tutorial? Good question.

Why didn't you even provide a link? Hmm.

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Re: Oled printing?
July 04, 2012 10:14AM
Wow, that is current state of the art in printing!
Basic dream is to create a Star Trek replicator, a shop with a 3D printer, you walk in and request a particular phone or other gadget, shopkeeper downloads a pattern, prints it off and sells it to you. To do that you need to be able to print in multiple materials to create electronics, mechanics etc.
3D printers are a spin-off of this.
Latest is ink jet printing of electronic circuits, one application that has taken off is printing transistors onto glass for Oled manufacture.
O stands for Organic, organic polymers exist that allow creation of electronic components, 3 dots give NPN parts of transistor, other dots give conductive part for connections etc.
Same technology is also being used in USA and shortly Europe to produce disposable mobile phones, usually about $20 to buy, size of a credit card, no display, minimal keypad, plug in handsfree, receives texts, can't send texts, receives calls, one hour calling time then throw in the bin.
Basically injet technology creating smaller dots than normal using special bio polymers, printing onto paper base.
Currently not small enough (silicon is currently on pico metre dot size, I think this technology has got to micron dot size), currently not fast enough, currently not robust enough (bio polymers break down quicker than silicon).
Your current printer is probably running at 3600 dpi = 141 dots per millimeter, dot size approx 0.7 mm. 1 uM = 1000 dots per millimeter.
I don't think RepRap will be going this way, but I could be wrong. smiling smiley

I'm afraid this is all from my head so please excuse inaccuracies.
Search on "Disposable Phone", "Oled printing", "Biopolymers"
Re: Oled printing?
August 17, 2012 01:50AM
Oleds are not printed, at least not in a classical sense. They are made through wafer technology, just that a wafer is not silicone but some flexible conducting film (polymer). On top of it come few other slices of films and at the end a porous/transparent cathode. The "pixels" are made with vacuum depositioning, photolitography and etching. Just like a normal chip is made, in a (very) clean room.
Re: Oled printing?
August 17, 2012 02:37AM
... yes, but there were some examples in developing laboratories too, where some coarser OLED-structures were made by coating a plastic sheet with the active material and printing a solvent with an ink-jet.

This was repeated for every slice/material with different inks ... so this was the original linking to "ink-jet printable OLED electronics" ...

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