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Printing with Wood

Posted by meerdog 
Printing with Wood
October 10, 2012 06:29PM
Hello all. This is my first proper post to this forum and I thought it appropriate to share some of my polymer research.

I want to print with wood but can't find a ready, reliable, cheap source of suitable filament. True there's Laywood but I fancy making my own filament in my shed from recycled plastics, and that got me thinking.

So I had a bit of a dig about and found a number of academic papers on the subject of Wood Polymer Composites. Here I found a possible answer and it's not as difficult as I thought. So I wrote a short paper on the subject which I attach (if I've mastered the technology.)

I lay no claims to any of the contents and haven't tried any of it yet but it makes theoretical sense. If I'm right then we could all be making all sorts of polymer composites to suit different purposes. If any of you have a spare moment, perhaps you'd take a look and see if I'm completely barking or actually on to something. Or has it all been said and tried before?


open | download - Making Wood Polymer Composite.doc (41 KB)
Re: Printing with Wood
October 11, 2012 02:00AM
... look here: [grrf.de]

Re: Printing with Wood
December 02, 2012 10:22AM
I may have misunderstood but I think the OP is well area of grrf.de (they mentioned Laywood), they're just wondering if they know enough to make it themselves. As I understand it there is a fair amount of interest in duplicating something like the German wood composite particularly since supplies are short, but no one has managed it yet at least not that they're willing to reveal publicly. The inventor of the German stuff isn't talking. To be honest, I'm not surprised, I think there's a fair chance once the process is reveal it won't be long before Chinese manufacturers are making and selling it in bulk if there's enough interest. Even if they could afford the money to file an effective patent (and such a patent is granted) I doubt it will help. Best for the German team to make as much money while they can.
Re: Printing with Wood
December 03, 2012 03:43AM
... I've mentioned Tecnaro ( [tecnaro.de] ) sometimes in the past ...

They're extracting the 'natural thermoplast' lignin out from wood and selling pellets for injection-moulding (pretty expensive) wood-like objects from it.

I'm occasionally in contact with them since +10 years and got some lignin-powder for tests with SLS, but haven't tried this until now ... but it's on my schedule ...

The Laywood filament is a mixture of wood-dust and some thermoplast, so not really bio-degradable, what could be different with pure lignin.

But here we should do some more 'research' to the right parameters for FFF-printing with filament or DIY-SLS with powder and cheap highpower diodelasers ...

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Re: Printing with Wood
December 18, 2012 08:28AM
Biodegradability is obviously a useful thing and of fair interest in some cases. I think the interest in Laywood is more for the look of any products made with it though.
Re: Printing with Wood
March 14, 2013 12:40PM
just curious, MDF is kinda made from powdered wood ... so i am guessing ... most screw thread type FFF can print wood if they can mix that powder with a bonding agent yes?
Re: Printing with Wood
April 06, 2013 01:00PM
Thx for the info meerdog.

Have you succeeded in making your own wooden filament ? (or anyone)
About getting CA from China, I'm sure they will send you small quantity because that's how they can start doing business with foreigners.
Are you sure about the +2% CA rule ? I would think the % depends on the polymer/wood ratio. More wood means more CA.
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