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PLA & ABS from reprap.me - reviews

Posted by corngolem 
PLA & ABS from reprap.me - reviews
June 16, 2013 12:13PM
I bought PLA (ingeo 4032D) and ABS (polylac PA-747) (in 1,75mm and 3mm in white and grey) from reprap.me

• one of the cheapest supplier in Europe
• 0,05mm diameter variation for the 3mm PLA

• spool holes are too small for both Replicators and Ultimakers
• PLA does not stick to 3M's blue painters' tape 2090
• unknown melting temperature, 210°C works but bridges sag a lot
• creates dark brown goo (burned sugar) around the heat block
• probably not natureworks ingeo
• individual bags opened or poorly sealed

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