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3D printing machine recomendations

Posted by themaker 
3D printing machine recomendations
June 24, 2013 12:34AM
I'm about to purchase my first printer and I could use recomendations,
I need a L12xW12xH10" product size table or a little more
fast and accurate
good with ABS and Polycarbon materials
up to $2300
reliable, available spare parts and filment
flexible and controlable SW for tweeking
delibery within 2 weeks the most
curently I'm looking at; airwolf AW3D-XL, 3DTouch, seeMeCNC, Leap Frog creatr, the future is 3D TF3D,
Re: 3D printing machine recomendations
July 18, 2013 11:09AM
I would definitely put SeeMeCNC on the top of your list just by shear build dimensions but you're still going to hit the edge if you want to print a 12x12x10 unless you do it in parts. BTW even though it seems like you need it soon, Kickstarter funded RigidBot has a big version that if memory serves makes your build requirements seem small.
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