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Curing UV resin with a pickup Blue-Ray

Posted by Mecatronic 
Curing UV resin with a pickup Blue-Ray
February 03, 2014 11:39AM

About a year ago my brother and I engaged on a quixotic project to build from scratch a low-cost PCB printer for photoresist.

Finally we did it using a Blue Ray™ optical pickup (PHR-803T) to sensitize Dry-film. We hacked the pickup, figure out the pinout and wrote some algoritms to control it, move the lens and focus the laser on the film using the astigmatic method. We shared all the information about how to build it and use it in our web site www.diyouware.com.

Now, we would like to evolve the PCB printer for curing UV resin. We designed the original PCB printer electronics to easily add a Z axis and we think that the 405nm pickup laser could cure UV resin but we don't have any previously experience, so we unknow curing time, laser power, resin type, speed, etc.

Our question is: did anybody try to cure UV resin with this kind of laser? Any recomendation about a resin and where to get it?

Thanks in advance.
Re: Curing UV resin with a pickup Blue-Ray
February 03, 2014 02:34PM
... 405nm should be perfect for most common resins.

Tried with 445nm and a special mixture for 450nm -- but this didn't work as expected confused smiley

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