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Measured thermodynamic properties of ABS and PLA

Posted by skynetprinter 
Measured thermodynamic properties of ABS and PLA
March 12, 2015 11:08PM
It would be nice to have some graphs of plastic thermodynamics. Some people print ABS and PLA cold, and for the high levels of a model, the ABS is at room temperature and seems to stick just as well as the low levels. Are there some standard ABS printing tests to determine layer adhesion at different temperatures with different extrusion diameters, to know the warping ratio of cold versus warm printed ABS. i.e. does .4mm bond better than .1mm plastic in colder temps? What is the warp factor of cold vs hot printed ABS, and the adhesion of fan cooled vs uncooled?

Please pass on scientific measurements of printing under different conditions and settings and info on printing tests and measurements here. Could there be a kind of ISO standard series of tests for 3d printed materials to have plastic performance figures?

i.e. The thermal coefficient of linear expansion for ABS is 10.1 x 10-5/°C

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