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ABS aceton treatment, "white out"

Posted by gazoox 
ABS aceton treatment, "white out"
October 30, 2015 08:09AM
When treating ABS with aceton it has some effects:

aceton vapour: works very well. When dry, plastic has same color as before.

aceton spray or put into liquid acetone: when dry, the filemant changs color into "whitening". A black filament has turned grey, other colors like blue or magenta got ugly whitening.
Does anyone knoe where this comes from and how this could be avoid? I suggest some chemical reaction with too much free air O² .

Re: ABS aceton treatment, "white out"
November 20, 2015 02:51AM
Aceton vapour is like painting and aceton just attacks the surface. Puttting into liquid or wetting is like dissolving and color is taken out and transfered to the aceton, no way to avoid it.
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